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47 Suggestions on How to Help Yourself Conquer Depression


  1. Think of something you want that is available; then make a plan to get it.
  1. Go for a long walk.
  1. Think of people ho bring you up; call one of them.
  1. Listen to your favorite music.
  1. Sing or chant.
  1. Do something creative.
  1. Take a shower or a long, warm bath.
  1. Make a list of your strengths.  Sped at least an hour concentrating fully on appreciating yourself.
  1. Love a pet expressively.
  1. Think of something you would enjoy doing for someone.  Then do it.
  1. Read a book on higher consciousness, love or other enjoyable subjects.
  1. Dance.
  1. Forgive someone.
  1. Consult a nutrition book and consider what you might add to your diet for pep and vitality.
  1. Plan a trip or event that you think you would enjoy.  Spend an hour anticipating in fantasy and savor the exciting aspects of the experience.
  1. Think about enjoyable ways of relaxing; choose one and do it!
  1. Make an appointment for a massage or give yourself a body massage or an invigorating skin brush.
  1. Begin something you have been putting off for a long time.
  1. Start your own humor book.  Write down the funniest jokes you can remember.
  1. Consider ways to make yourself more enjoyable to live with.
  1. Stop doing anything and just be for awhile.
  1. Make a list of things you are grateful for.
  1. Scream.
  1. Think of a goal that will bring you joy.  Then consider ways to attain it.
  1. Much unhappiness is caused by lack of knowledge.  Learn how to get what you want by looking for the missing information, the right teacher or satisfying philosophy of life.
  1.  Arrange a meeting with your favorite person.
  1.  Give something away.
  1.  Calm, blank and open your mind. Peace and wisdom reside beyond the churning of your mind.
  1.  Tell someone you love them.
  1. Make a list of things you feel guilty about.  Consider where you can make amends—then burn the list. 
  1.  Plan a surprise for someone.
  1.  Do breathing exercises for energy and calmness.
  1. Clean up something.
  1. Plan and anticipate the pleasure of eating your favorite meal.
  1. Organize the part of your life that has been producing irritation.
  1. Relive with vivid imagination an experience in our life which made you feel extremely loved.
  1. In your imagination become the person who has approved you most.  See yourself through his or her eyes, feel yourself the feeling he or she had for you and your response. 
  1. Think of the most difficult person in your life.  Concentrate at length, perhaps half a day, on looking for ways in which he or she is actually good and admirable.  Share these thoughts with that person.
  1.  Check to see where you life is out of balance the most in regard tow rok and play, rest and activity, excitement and calm.  Make a lan to restore the balance in some tangible way.
  1. Lie down and relax. Close your eyes. Repeat your name gently and tenderly for half an hour and note the changes in your feelings.
  1. Find a photograph of a beautiful calm lake. Relax and contemplate this vividly
  1. Find a photograph of a beautiful river. Relax and flow with it.
  1. Find a photograph of a blazing sun.  Study it in a relaxed manner and absorb its warmth.
  1. Find a picture of a towering waterfall. Drink in its refreshing energy.
  1. Find a picture of a cozy fire. Stare at it; relax beside it .
  1. Find a picture of a springtime flowers. Merge with their beauty.
  1. Stare at the stars o a lovely evening and feel your oneness with the universe… know the limitlessness of being.
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