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One Liners for Parents


1.       I’m afraid so.

2        Probably so.

3.       Could be.

4.       True.

5.       Interesting.

6.       That’s a possibility.

7.       What would be best for you?

8.       Would you rather-------or ---------?

9.       Feel free to join us for dinner when-----------------.

10.     You can either----------- or ---------------.

11.     Nice try.

12.     What do you think I think about that?

13.     That’s sad. But I still love you.

14.     (Child) Why do I have to?  (Parent) If you don’t understand why after you are finished, I’ll be glad to explain.

15.     (Sometimes the best response is no response. Just smile an walk away.)

16.     I’ll love you where ever you live.

17.     Bummer.

18.     How sad for you.

19.     You’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out.

20.     (Child is tantruming) Let me know if this is going to last a long time.

21.     Thanks for letting me know where you’re at.

22.     (Child is rolling eyes–parent looks close) When you do that I can see your brain.
23.     (Child shakes head) Good head shaking.

24.     On a scale of 1 to 10, how well did you do that chore?

25.     You now that’s really not important to me, I’ll let you know when something is.

26.     There are lots of things I can’t make you do, but I can make your life miserable.

27.     (Child takes forever to do a chore) Feel free to join us when you’re done with that chore.  I’ll know right where you are in the mean time. 

28.     I’ll know when you want to be part of the family.

29.     (Deviance about a chore) I’ve changed my mind. I think I’ll have you do-----instead.

30.     What do you think you will do?

31.     Do you have a plan?

32.     Hope it works out for you.

33.     I never would have thought of that.  Hope it works out.

34.     Good luck.

35.     Not in this lifetime.

36.     Hope you figure it out.

37.     Who has a problem with that?

38.     Good choice.

39.     Bad choice.

40.     Or not

41.     I believe you did it (or you’re lying) but if by chance I’m wrong, I’ll make it up to you.

42.     I can make an appointment with you to yell at me, (or what ever the bad behavior is).

One liners should never by used as a put down, or a means to hurt the child.  One-liners should be used to get yourself out of harmful interactions that make you angry and thus give the child power.  They are not necessarily meant to change the child’s behavior. Instead, they give you a come back that gives you time to think about an more helpful response than anger. 

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