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Control Versus Wishes

Circle the things that you can control

  1. Child’s attitude.
  2. Amount of allowance.
  3. How much child eats.
  4. What the child eats.
  5. What food is presented to the child.
  6. How child talks to the parents.
  7. When the parent is willing to listen.
  8. Whose car the child drives.
  9. How the child drives when out of sight.
  10. Grades.
  11. Choice of friends.
  12. Clothes the child wears.
  13. Clothes the parent provides.
  14. Child’s choice of language.
  15. Use of drugs.
  16. Use of alcohol.
  17. Sexually active or not.
  18. Completion of chores.
  19. Paying others to complete chores.
  20. Color of hair.
  21. Tattoos.
  22. Body piercing.
  23. When and where the parent is willing to drive the child.
  24. TV viewing when parent is not at home.
  25. Availability of a television set.
  26. Time spent playing video games when parent is not at home.
  27. Time spent playing video games when parent is at home.
  28. The kinds of food the parents buy.
  29. Amount of time parents are willing to spend on the child’s school projects.
  30. Completing and turning in homework.
  31. Time spent on the telephone when parents are gone.
  32. Time spend on the telephone when parents are home.
  33. Amount of arguing the parent is willing to listen to.
  34. Child getting ready to go on time.
  35. Time that the car will be leaving.
  36. Under what conditions the child is welcome to be with the parents.
  37. Child brushes teeth.
  38. Under what conditions the parents pay the dentist bill.
  39. Whether or not kids bicker and fight.
  40. The amount of fighting the parents will listen to.
  41. What time the child comes home at night.
  42. The amount of restitution needed to pay for parent’s energy drain.
  43. What language parent is willing to listen to.
  44. The brand of clothes the parent is wiling to buy.
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